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A message from Deacon Debbie Marsh

For Monday 12th October 2020

Hi there

We are going to trial some short reflection services starting on Monday next week at 3pm just to see how the logistics work, and to start to work out a phased return back to worship. 

Could you let people know on your mailing lists please. 

If they want any information ask them to contact me or Jen Bond. We have capacity for spaced out maximum 60 people but that will depend on if people are in 1s or 2s that number is based on half 1s and half 2s, if there were less 2s then the number will be less. 

People will have to agree to having a gun to their head and having their temperature taken and either track and tracing or being signed in or both. Until we all have singing masks there will only be humming! 



Deacon Debbie Marsh BMC Bude Methodist Church  Bude EX23 8LA 01288488195 07763811757 Facebook@ BMC Bude Methodist Church


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