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About Us

Our Methodist Church


The circuit connects eleven Methodist churches across the beautiful border region of North Devon and Cornwall. Rural small towns and villages are scattered throughout miles of scenic countryside and dramatic coastline. The local heritage is a rich tapestry encompassing farming and the best of historic Cornwall.


People come to the Methodist Church to worship and to Know Christ. We also keep an active presence in the community and represent much more. For example, our dedicated ministry team ensures the circuit runs smoothly and is engaged in community work.


If you are new in the area, or just visiting, you’re welcome at all of our services and events. You are just as welcome if you’re not a regular churchgoer or an experienced Methodist. Start by checking What’s On or the Circuit Plan We'd love to see you there!


Our Local Methodist Heritage


John Wesley (1703-1791) was the founder of Methodism and one of the greatest preachers of all time. A key figure in the Christian revival, Wesley travelled the countryside, preaching to the poor and labouring folk out in the fields where they worked.


He came to North Devon and Cornwall on many occasions, noting each visit in his journal. Wesley's sermons would pull huge crowds from the surrounding towns and villages. Local people were eager to take part in this new form of worship and to Know Christ.

The first North Devon circuit was established in 1750, five years after his first visit here. Methodism quickly flourished across the region and became core to our local religious identity.


A Cornish preacher, William O'Bryan (1778 – 1868) played a significant part in establishing Methodism in the Bude and Holsworthy area. He formed the Bible Christian Movement at Lake Farm in Shebbear in 1815. The farmhouse is now a famous local heritage site in the history of Methodism.

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