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Welcome to the Bude and Holsworthy Methodist Circuit

Join us in knowing Christ

Our Calling

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Message from Revd Dr Simon Leigh

‘All change, all change, Easter brings us into a new light, that the words of Christ have been realised and he is now risen, Alleluia! Then we move to the drama of Pentecost and the birth of the Church. We now inhabit the post-resurrection era, the age of the Holy Spirit. And the Spirit does the Spirit’s work enlivening, comforting, leading the Church, where good folk will let the Holy Spirit do so. In the age of the Holy Spirit the message of Christ has spread across the face of the world. Our own Methodist Church comes from the spiritual awakening of Revd John Wesley and the Methodist movement’s pursuit of social and scriptural holiness. In our time we too must permit the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst. The Holy Spirit brings about change; change in the churches, change in people, change in communities and nations. The Christian pilgrimage is a journey of change and that can be difficult and deeply challenging. As I leave, Revd Meg Slingo will come and bring with her God’s good gifts and graces which the Holy Spirit will use for the purposes of the Kingdom. My prayer is that you will all journey forward together, prayerfully, carefully joined by a bond of love and a desire to serve the Risen Lord Jesus Christ.’ Every blessing, Simon'

Circuit News

We had a blessed weekend with Revd Gill Newton - more photos in the Gallery

Sand art with Bude Beach Pastors, April 2024

Congratulations to everyone at Woodford Methodist Chapel for receiving the Silver Eco Church Award. You can find out more about A Rocha here.

SASF Report 2023

A peace treaty was signed at the end of 2022 and everything started to return to normal.

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